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Books on Amazon by Dr. John Ballard, PsyD

"The tools and techniques that John shares in his book help leaders make a difference in their organizations. It should be a required reading of any leader looking to motivate and inspire others. John teaches people to play to their strengths that is crucial for success and stability in rapidly changing business environments."

- Dr. Henry K. (Organizational Psychologist in Private Practice)

"I've known John for well over a decade. He is highly motivated and dedicated to consulting engineers and engineering managers finding solutions for people and organizations who need help. I highly recommend him for helping you solve your toughest organizational challenges."

- Mark D. (Martial Arts Instructor - Boston Martial Arts Center)

"In the nearly twenty years that I have known John in various capacities, he has continuously exhibited the flexibility and acumen crucial for success and stability in rapidly changing business environments. If there were one person that I would like to have on my team to ensure a positive, go-getter mood, an ever-present can-do attitude, and the skills to make them happen, it is John."

- Mark M. (Oracle Corporation)

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