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The Art & Science


Executive Coaching




Is the word that we like to associate with The Alpha Insight Group

& with Executive Coaching, Leadership Training

And Performance Enhancement.

Along with terms like Return On Investment.

And words like accountability.

At The Alpha Insight Group we demystify the process of

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training.

Our approach is systematic, proven, and thorough.

Our results are Scalable. Trackable. Measurable. Repeatable.

You see what you put in - and what you get out.

We can't make you million dollar promises, but please give us a call.

We'll try to get straight to the heart of the matter.

Delivering the goods - In the best manner possible.

John Ballard,PsyD, MS
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The Alpha Insight Group

Unleash Your Potential.

And The People You Lead.


The Alpha Insight Group is a NYC based executive coaching and leadership training consulting firm. We work with selective clients across the country who want to:

Rally themselves & others to breakthrough to greater results. 


Dr. John Ballard has helped me identify and analyze my strengths, and strategize ways of putting them to use. His know-how has been critical to my channeling creative research skills acquired throughout my education into a vision for leadership. With his consultation, I’ve made strides in transforming what I thought was merely a penchant for reflection into a high-powered faculty for entrepreneurial practice. He conveys rare expertise through experience, which means I can present a wide range of problems and goals to him and get results-oriented feedback. 

Laura S, PhD (Harvard) History consultant and educator

The Alpha Insight Group Pledge

Always Operate With honesty & authenticity

Only Promise What We Can Deliver

Realize Our Success Is Based On Your Success

Understand We Are A Results-Based Business

Look Forward To Being Held Accountable

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